Policies —

Marywood Manor is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is only permitted outdoors.

Limited accommodations for children over 15. Sorry, we can not accommodate pets. However, there is a pet boarding kennel close by.

You must confirm your reservation by credit card, we accept Master Card or VISA. Room rates are subject to 6% State and 5% City taxes. All reservations are considered sold in advance. If your plans change, every effort will be made to resell your room. Refunds are given if rooms are resold.

Check-in time is 3-6 pm. If you can’t arrive during these hours please let us know so other arrangements can be made to accommodate your arrival.

Check out time is 11:00 am

Update of COVID-19 Impact on Marywood Manor Suites & Cottages

In June 2020, Marywood Manor was allowed to reopen our Suites and Rental Cottages under Michigan’s COVID Regulations. To do our part in preventing the spread of COVID we instituted several changes to our business operations. As a result of our efforts, NONE of our guests or ourselves caught or transmitted COVID. Additionally, we had one of the busiest seasons we’ve had in several years. According to most of our guests, Saugatuck was a wonderful place to visit last summer.

Marywood Manor anticipates the 2021 season will be similar to 2020 in many ways. While many people will have been vaccinated many will still be receiving them; according to the experts. Most people will remain concerned about COVID. Therefore, we intend to continue those practices that made us successful last year. We will continue to limit access to our properties to people who had no recent COVID-19 exposure. We’ll request that our guests still observe CDC recommendations regarding masks, social distancing, hand washing, etc. As before, we also intend on spending a lot of extra time doing laundry, cleaning, and sanitizing.

We’re fortunate that Marywood Manor has some unique physical qualities which help keep guests safe. Each Suite has its private entrance and is spatially distanced from the other. And, each Suite has its self-contained heating/AC system, as well as screens, which allow lots of healthy, fresh air circulation.

Last year, to minimize contact between guests and food, we closed the kitchen to everyone except the Innkeeper. This experience proved the difficulty of providing timely, personal food service safely. Therefore, we have decided not to offer breakfast this year. Instead, upon check-in, each guest will receive an assortment of breakfast and snack treats that can be enjoyed anytime. Guests will continue to be able to get a fresh cup of coffee or tea whenever they wish, plus juice and bottled water will be available in your suites fridge. No one should be hungry while staying with us.

We’ll continue to supply guests with personal amenities for comfort and safety e.g. hand sanitizer, a small refrigerator and personal ice machine, bottled water, personal drink glasses, body wash, shampoo, etc.

Lastly, we‘ll continue to provide limited contact at check-in and checkout while still being readily available by phone and text. And, we’ll continue doing everything we can think of to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable, and relaxing visit. We think you’ll find that our Suites are the most private, spacious, and comfortable in Saugatuck. You’ll also find that our rates are the best value around. Look us over, use our Contact Form to email us, or give us a call to make a reservation. Thank You